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Order Calculator For Arbonne Independent Consultants

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You’ve been there before… You are at a spa party or presentation with numerous clients and order forms full of products. Quickly and accurately adding up all of those products, calculating complex discounts, sales tax rates and shipping can be daunting. All while you could be building deeper client relationships and growing your business. If you’re in the United States or Canada, the Order Calculator is here to help!

The Order Calculator is exactly what it sounds like – it’s an interactive calculator that is custom tailored for calculating Arbonne orders.  Not only is it quick an easy to use, but it can handle some of the most complicated orders with ease.


  • Easy to read interface with vibrant colors
  • Interactive product calculator worksheets
  • Support for Clients, Preferred Clients and Consultants
  • Default client type discounts and custom discounts
  • Full host reward support
  • ASVP & Success Package support
  • Automated location-specific shipping & surcharges
  • Export order summary by email or by printing
  • Built-in help guide with tutorial videos
  • Ability to customize calculations
  • Ability to override default package and membership fee prices


Supported Devices

The Order Calculator works on all devices that run iOS 8 and higher, including the iPad!  Multi-tasking on the iPad is fully supported.

This includes:

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation+
  • iPad 2, Air, Mini, Pro

Android is not currently supported and there are no plans to support it.  Sorry about that!

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This app has simplified my business so much! It makes it easy to take orders on the fly and it has been great for training new consultants!
This app makes it easy to show the best value to the client and is a huge time saver at workshop/parties/events.
This is such a helpful app. I am very happy with the upgrades. Must have for all consultants.
Oh my goodness! What an amazing gift you have given us! This is incredible and my whole team is downloading it like CRAZY!!!!
Just did a spa party, with multiple orders and this app was quick and easy. I highly recommend this app to any consultant. Love it!
This is an ingenious tool! The price for the app is less than the price of a calculator. Makes check-outs quick and easy! Love it!! Thank you!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately there isn’t.  I am a part-time developer that originally wrote this app for my wonderful wife and her iPhone.  Currently, however, our lives don’t afford me the time to completely re-write the app for the Android platform.  There are a few similar alternatives on the Google Play Store.  I’m unable to recommend any of these apps as I haven’t used them, but they do exist.
No.  With the exception of the ASVPs and Success Packs, the app only accepts product price entry.  I am not given any special access to Arbonne’s system and because product prices are constantly changing, maintaining an accurate product list isn’t feasible.
Definitely.  I strive to keep the app updated as things change in Arbonne-land.  Some times this process does take some time, so patience is always appreciated.
While the Order Calculator is tested thoroughly, there are occasions where minor changes in your local tax code can cause a discrepancy between the totals provided by the app and by Arbonne.  Luckily, tax and shipping calculations can be adjusted easily from within the app. If you aren’t able to resolve the issue, feel free to contact me. There are several ways to communicate detailed in the Support section below.


I’m happy to help you with any issue, question, or suggestion related to the Order Calculator app. There are several ways to get in touch: send a message using the Web Support Form below, send an email using the Support Via Email function within the app, or send a tweet to @OrderCalc.

For issues with the app, be as descriptive as you can about the issue. The more detail you can provide, the quicker I’m generally able to provide a resolution.  Be sure to include any applicable local info like tax rates. Thanks in advance and I will answer as soon as I can!

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The Order Calculator has been produced by Brian Ficker, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and is not official material prepared or provided by Arbonne. Calculation methods performed within this app are designed to conform to Arbonne guidelines. No guarantee is made on their long term performance as these methods are subject to change. All future updates will be free and will take any subsequent calculation changes into account. By using this app, you acknowledge that it your responsibility to know and be knowledgable of all Arbonne policies, procedures and special programs.

This app primarily functions as a calculator, optimized specifically for the Arbonne business plan. It does not contain any comprehensive product listings, with the exception of the current lineup of ASVPs and Success Packs.

Limitation Of Liability:  By using this app (The Order Calculator for Arbonne Independent Consultants), produced by the developer (Brian Ficker), the user agrees that the app has been provided as-is, without warranty, and that the developer is NOT liable for any calculation errors that result in loss of profits or loss of revenue.